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Welcome to Aiola
Unforgettable wine tasting experience
Aiola welcomes visitors every day from April till October, from 10.00 till 18.30. We advise you to book your visit online if you want to visit our cellars and taste a range of wines. We speak Italian, English, German, French, and Russian.

Come to Aiola, have a taste of our Chianti Classico, take a stroll in the vineyards, visit our cellar and the fascinating villa. Delve into the history of Aiola and discover the secrets of our wine making. You will have a chance to taste a range of our wines paired with local specialties and admire a breath-taking view of the Chianti hills from our terrace. Choose an individual guided visit or a group tasting. Book now for a very special visit! Let's raise the glasses up!
Walk and taste!
Tasting: 4 wines, Chianti Classico DOCG and IGT, Aiola Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the traditional freshly baked Tuscan bread.
Cost: 25 euro per person
Duration: about 1h 30 min
Legends of Aiola
Tasting: 5 wines, Chianti Classico DOCG and IGT, a selection of local cheese and cured meats, Extra Virgin Olive oil from Aiola with freshly baked Tuscan bread.
Cost: 35 euro per person, min. 2 pax
Duration: 1h and 30 min
Tasting in a group
Tasting: 5 wines, Chianti Classico DOCG and IGT, Grappa, a selection of cheese and cured meats, our Extra Virgin Olive oil, and vinegar. Option: light lunch.
Cost: find out all options
Duration: about 2h -2h30min
The wine shop of Fattoria della Aiola is at your disposal, come to taste our wines even without booking. Clean air, calm rhythms, genuine products. Our true mission is to respond to the expectations of every visitor by offering exceptional wines, unique emotions and pleasures. A winery that tells of a territory and its traditions: an absolute reference point.

Places to visit

When you come to Aiola, there is no shortage of other places to visit or things to do nearby: enjoy the uncontaminated Tuscan landscape, explore the traces of Etruscan civilization or characteristic medieval towns — "borghi", check modern art open-air sites, or have fun at numerous festivals and other events.

Borgo Vagliagli
The picturesque borgo of Vagliagli is set amid the incomparable landscape of Sienese Chianti: vineyards, olive groves, forests, medieval towns and characteristic Tuscan stone houses. The town is first mentioned in the XIII century chronicles, and the origins of its name are rather curious. Some people claim "Vagliagli" means "valle di aglio" - "garlic vale". Hence there is a hand grasping a bunch of garlic on the town’s coat of arms. Check the Monument to the war victims on the road to Castellina in Chianti — the panoramic view that opens from this point is unforgettable.
Siena. The city of Art
Did you know that Siena is one of the 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tuscany? It is an outstanding medieval city that has preserved its character and quality to a remarkable degree. Siena developed on three hills connected by three major streets intersecting in the heart of the city — the Piazza del Campo. The seven-kilometer-long fortified wall still surrounds this magical place, full of Gothic churches and palaces, the streets that remember Dante and St. Catherine of Siena, the birthplace of the first and greatest banks and the magnificent Palio horse races.
Modern Art
Only 8 km away from Aiola there is Pievasciata, otherwise known as Borgo d’Arte Contemporanea or Modern Art Town. On your way there you will glimpse the "Metropolitan Ostriches" - 5.6 m high statues of a couple watching you from behind the cypress trees, and the iconic "Peace" sculpture — a gun tied in a knot, by Fabio Zacchei.

The Chianti Sculpture Park is a treasure trove of contemporary sculpture and installations against a perfect backdrop of holly and oak trees.

Things to do

If you want to truly experience the spirit of a place, you have to live it. Vagliagli and the area around it offer many events you can attend or participate in — for instance, picking grapes at Aiola vineyards. Horse riding, sports, fun, farming skills — life in the countryside is never dull.

Grape picking at Aiola
Vendemmia, or grape harvesting, is a magical time, and you can experience it in person: put the gloves on, take the scissors or snips, and come to the vineyard to pick up the grapes. Snip the bunches carefully, lay them down in a bucket, be sure to taste a grape every once in a while, to ensure that only the best ones will eventually go into your own personalized Chianti Classico bottle. In 12 months, a bottle labeled with your name on it will be waiting for you, with the memories of a sunny day spent in the vineyards, inside.
End of September — early October
Vagliagli Grape Festival
The Vagliagli Grape Festival is quite unique for Italy: its origins have nothing to do with Etruscan winemaking traditions or Roman festivities dedicated to Bacchus. Nor does it trace its roots from Medieval harvest celebrations. In fact, what is today a jolly and spontaneous celebration, was born as a State-imposed event in the Thirties, to demonstrate thriving agriculture and abundance of crops. Very soon, though, the Festa dell’Uva has lost its official character to become an event full of joy. The wines of Aiola are always one of the protagonists, taking their pride of place among the fruits of the land of Vagliagli.
The last weekend of September
L’Eroica. Vintage Cycling
L’Eroica means "heroic", and it’s an appropriate definition of this unique cycling event. The participants ride on vintage (pre-1987) bikes, dressed in the period clothes, following "strade bianche" - the characteristic white crushed gravel roads. These are bone-shaking and feature numerous steep hills, hence the "heroic" name. The participants are rewarded by the gorgeous scenery and fuelled by a mouth-watering selection of food and wine. The route passes directly in front of Fattoria della Aiola. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for the race date to enjoy cycling — the road is always open.
First Sunday of October
You can always drop by to taste one of our wines without any booking in advance! For spontaneous visits we are open from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.30, and on Saturdays from 10.00 to 18.30. No pressure or time limits, individual visitors are welcome.
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