The Riserva journey starts in the vineyard: the best grapes come from deeply rooted plants that struggle to get water and nutrients from the sun-scorched soil. The wine is then aged in large old oak barrels (botti) gaining its unique and memorable flavour. Authentic, elegant, and amazingly food-friendly, Aiola Riserva is a true expression of the Tuscan hills and winding hills.

Chianti Classico RISERVA DOGG 2019

Grapes: 90% Sangiovese, Merlot, Colorino
Ageing: 24 months in oak barrels followed
by 6 months in bottles

Harvest period: by hand, at the beginning of October
Alcohol: 14 %
Color: intense ruby red
Bouquet: refined, subtly spicy nose opening to ripe black fruit and herbs
Taste: Medium body, vibrant tannins, and a fresh finish