The grappa L’Aiola, a noble, amber-colored spirit, soft, elegant and aromatic is one of the best grappas coming
from Tuscany, well known to connoisseurs in Italy and abroad. It is made from Sangiovese pomace using
the continuous distillation method. After resting in vats, our grappa is aged for 12 months in oak casks and only then gets bottled in the traditional Tuscan brown color glass bottles. The recipe is kept for generations and is absolutely unique.

Grappa l'AIOLA

Grape: Made from
Sangiovese pomace dell'Aiola
Ageing: 12 months in small oak casks
Alcohol: 45 %
Color: light amber
Bouquet: elegant, clean, with floral scents, aromas of sambuca and hay
Taste: the soft impact that slowly releases its vigor, opening up very well in the mouth. Aftertaste and lasting aromas: evolving from floral
and fruity nose to a deliciously spicy finish.

Very smooth. The Grappa No.1 in Toscana